Henry, 40 foot Container, Cotacachi

We highly recommend Sandra Baquero, Sanestar International, Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Sandra is a subject matter expert in shipping your contents internationally and certainly provides a first class service. What I liked about Sandra was that she provides written step by step directions for preparing your shipment. She is always quick to respond to your questions. I have to admit Sandra did a lot of hand holding with me and I was a nervous client. She was always comforting, put my fears to rest and was so patient with me. If you follow her detailed instructions you should not experience any unpleasant experiences with clearing customs and your container arriving safely.

Most likely, you will have a local international packing company involved in moving your contents from your home. They do not always understand the international requirements of the country you are relocating to and that is why you need a subject matter expert to coordinate your move to a new country. We moved a 40 foot high cube container from Arlington, Texas to Cotachachi, Ecuador. Our container arrived in 30 days safely. We had requested that Sandra supervise the unloading of the container in Cotachachi. I cannot say enough nice things about her team. What amazed me is how Sandra and her team demonstrated a real coordinated team effort with professionalism. What really stood out was how much her team enjoyed working with her. The container was unloaded and paper removed within 3 hours. All on Thanksgiving Day 2013. Since some of the costs are estimates it was a nice surprise to actually receive a refund from Sandra. A refund may not always be applicable but this demonstrates her honesty.

A recommendation for Sandra would not be complete with mentioning the relocation of our 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels which are like our pet children. At first we hired a local Texas pet relocation service that claimed they knew about relocating dogs to Ecuador. This turned out to be a big mistake and waste of money. I soon realized that they did not understand the requirements of  Ecuador which I found out about by simply reading Expat blogs and other websites. Thank haven for Sandra that came to our rescue. We followed her instructions to the letter and she even pointed out a procedure that saved us money. I would never relocate a pet family member without an expediter since it is just not worth the risk.

Since our flight arrived late in the evening at Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Quito, Ecuador Our dogs had to stay in the airport cargo warehouse until the next afternoon when they could be cleared by the vet and customs. I was very nervous about our dugs being housed in the cargo warehouse overnight. Sandra had prepared us ahead of time of what we could expect regarding our dogs once they arrived at the airport.

I will never forget when we landed at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Quito we were so surprised to see this women holding up a sign with pictures of our dogs. She was so clever to know we would respond to someone holding pictures of our dogs.

The fact that Sandra met our flight and got us settled for the night in nice little hotel near the airport demonstrated how she provides outstanding service for her clients. The next day she checked on our dogs and made sure they had food, water and even took pictures on her cell phone for me to see. What a comfort to see pictures of our dogs smiling for their picture! I would never try to bring a pet internationally without using Sandra as an expediter. Our pets arrived safely without any problems and have adjusted completely without any problems.

Some people ask me if it was worth sending a container. All I can say that for us the answer is “yes”.  But that is because of the caring service and passion Sandra demonstrates.
If you have any questions regarding this reference you may contact me by email. chenry784@gmail.com or bh4639@gmail.com

Ann and Bill Henry
Cotachaci, Ecuador

Javora, 20 foot Container, Cotacachi

This letter is long overdue, but is just as sincerely meant.

It has been our pleasure to have you as your guide and advisor through the process of moving our container from the US to Ecuador.

Because of all the written instructions you provided to us, we knew exactly what we could pack and what we needed to leave behind. This saved us countless hours of fruitless packing. Because all of your expenses were specified up front we were in a better position to establish our own budget for how much to bring.

The scariest part for us was the uncertainty of the actual sea voyage which no one can be sure of. But, fortunately for us, from the very start of loading our things onto the ship until the time they arrived in Guayaquil, all went smoothly.

The most reassuring part of the journey was knowing you would be at the port to monitor the customs inspection process personally. Due to your vigilance all our things arrived safely in Cotacachi. The local unpacking team was very respectful of our things – and just as importantly , was very efficient in their work.

Although we still have some boxes to unpack, we have not found anything broken or mishandled. When my husband retires in a few months, he will likely have a pallet to bring with him. We feel very confident the second shipment will be handled with the same attention to detail as the first.

We appreciate the quality of service you offer and the efficient follow-through to the point of arrival.

Warmest regards,

Angela & Paul Javora

Keller, 20 foot Container, Cotacachi

We like to share our experience with Sandra Baquero about our move to Ecuador.

When we got ready to move we were trying to find the last expensive cost to move a container from Florida to Ecuador. We received offers from several moving companies and we decided to go with a company which is located in Florida. And here started the problem. The company told us that they have a customs broker in Ecuador which is taking care of everything but this was not true. So, our container was in Guayaquil and we had no chance to get our container.

 We have to tell a little bit more about our relationship with Sandra, we were in contact with Sandra already before we finally moved, she also gave us a quote and we thought that we can get the move for less money. Sandra also helped us with the paperwork for our cat, which also moved from Florida to Ecuador. Sandra gave us all the necessary information. Without this information we would probably have a problem to get our cat into the country.

After our container was in Guayaquil and we had no chance to get anywhere with the shipping company we contacted Sandra and she started right away to work on our problem. Sandra was able to get our container within a week through customs without any problem and we finally received our belongings. If you looking for a shipping company to get your belongings to Ecuador do yourself a favor, let Sandra handle everything and you will not have a problem because Sandra knows what she is talking about. We learned our lesson to go with a less expensive moving company and we had big problems with that.

If you like to get in contact with us personally please feel free to contact us, Sandra will get you our contact information.

Again thank you to Sandra and her team, we appreciated all the help we got from the whole team.

Kind Regards

Gottfried & Lilo Keller

Smith, liftcrate, Cotacachi

This letter is to applaud Sandra Baquero on the fine job she did helping us moving our personal belongings from the US to Cotacachi, Ecuador. From start to finish she was there every step of the way. She took care of every little detail from contacting a moving company in the States to making sure things arrived safely in Cotacachi. She helped with all the necessary paperwork to ensure things went through customs in Guayaquil.

She was very prompt in answering phone calls and emails if we had any questions along the way. Sandra even met us at the airport in Guayaquil when we had to sign for the shipment and found us a hotel for a short stay.

She is a real people person who really cares about her clients.  We would highly recommend her to anyone who may be relocating.

Please feel free to email us anytime if there are any questions.


Best Regards,

Troy and Katy Smith

Piller, 40 foot container, Cotacachi

May 26, 2013

Sandra Baquero

Dear Sandra,

Thank you for your assistance with our recent move to Cotacachi. We’ve heard so many horror stories from others relocating to this beautiful country and we always response “You should have used Sandra. She knows how to get the job done.”

We have recommended you on several occasions and I will continue to do so. You are thorough, responsive, and cordial. We truly appreciate all your hard work.
Our container was a bit on the unusual side, with our varied hobbies and the large number of tools we brought down, but you got everything through customs without delay. It could have been a nightmare had we made the mistake of going with someone else.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Bruce and Marianna Piller
Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador