Tyree, 20 foot Container, Canoa

This letter of thanks for your services form Peter & Laurel Tyree for moving our 20’ container from Round Mountain Nevada, USA to our new Condo on the beach near Canoa, Ecuador is long overdue. First let me preface this by adding that Laurel is disabled and cannot walk so this became far more difficult. One year ago we started looking for movers on the web and found many who all gave us different answers for the same questions concerning what we could legally ship with our household goods. We ended up having to sell a Side-By-Side 4X4 we purchased when we found out we could NOT include it in our household goods shipment! Several of the North American contacts had assured us we could do this. Yes, we could have shipped it but as a vehicle in a different shipment for a lot more $. We came across Sandra Baquero on an Ex-Pat site from Ecuador and decided to give her a try. She immediately flooded me with all the details, options, costs, etc. for all the shipment options including door to door service. We took the later due to our circumstances, and thank God we did. The inventory list was hard for me but a neighbor helped me through the spreadsheets so all went well. The trucker showed up on time during our first snow in the high desert and we loaded everything up in 2 hours! We are talking a very full 20’ container here so this was great! We were told it would take 1 Month and it actually was on time!

We arrived in Ecuador with 3 month visas only and all of our prerequisite paperwork for the Retirement Visas in 3 months or so. Sandra met me only in Manta to do the Customs paperwork without my wife and was able to get it done that way; on most cases this is not possible but with my wife’s condition, an exception was made thanks to Sandra’s expertise. We received the 20’ container exactly 2 weeks after arriving with all items in perfect condition. Sandra’s men unloaded all and placed all 85 items where we wanted them in 2 hours also! We of course did have to pay duty to Customs for the shipment since we did not have our legal status yet. This is refunded to me as soon as we get our Cedulas and Bank account. We heard horror stories and saw first hand from another condo owner trouble with shipments; customs troubles in the port due to improper inventories were the most common; ours went perfectly and very fast. We always have said “ you get what you pay for “ and when it was over, this was truly easy and a great welcome to our new home!

Peter & Laurel Tyree    Feb. 27, 2014