Brown, 20 foot container, Salinas

Dear Sandra,  I just wanted to thank you for the efficient and excellent way in which you handled the transfer of my container to Ecuador. I had heard of so many horror stories about shipping goods.  The entire process was was handled in such an amazing way. You are such an amazing woman. It has been my pleasure and honor to have met you. I plan to tell all about you and your company. If I can ever do anything for you please let me know.

Katherine Brown 

Hoysak, 40 foot Container, Salinas

I am writing this testimonial in hopes it reaches everyone bringing items into Ecuador. Sandra Baquero was my receiving broker who cleared my container through customs, she approved and checked all the paper work to ship and gave me advises and formats to follow to be well with Ecuadorian Customs.

Because of delays with my visa I was spending $150 per day in container demurrage with the shipping company. Once I got my resident visa Sandra’s knowledge, skills and professionalism saved me thousands of dollars because she clear the container in just 3 work days. My belongings and work tools were cleared and delivered to my apartment without one problem or missing item. I live in a 10th floor in a Condo and there were items that needed special load and her crew did a great job with this extra challenge.

Sandra took good care to get the deposit of the container for the shipping company refunded to me in an acceptable time

Thank you is not enough to say to Sandra. I strongly urge all of you to consider using Sandra for your move, you will not regret it.

Matt Hoysak