Riggins, 20 foot container, Vilcabamba

Dear potential clients of Sandra Baquero,

After a bit of searching and questioning through some Facebook Ecuador expat group pages, Sandra's name came up several times. We then contacted her and got very clear explanations of how it all worked. Sandra was reassuring and made the whole transition pleasurable. She got us in contact with a US company that took care of everything on that end for us.

When it came time to ship our belongings there was a bit of a snag in the timing where we ended up going a few days over the allowed 6 months duty free but Sandra took care of it with customs gracefully. She was even able to do the inspection upon the arrival of our container without us having to be there physically. That was a huge help since we had so much going on at the time. 

The one thing I would highly recommend would be to make sure you pay the extra bit to have Sandra there physically when receiving your belongings at home because the hired men seem to want to do as little as possible if she wasn't present. But overall beyond that it was a great experience and very pleasurable working with Sandra. She went above and beyond to make sure we had our things here safe and sound. She saved us a lot of headache and stress and we couldn't ask for anything more. 

Thank you so very much for all your dedicated hard work Sandra!


Jessica and Otis Riggins

Pelland, 40 foot Container, Vilcabamba


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service in transporting my container from Chicago to Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

I had heard horror stories of Gringos containers being held in Guayaquil or even lost.
I know of one neighbor of mine whose container has been in Cuenca for 27 days and is still not released. He cannot believe how easily and quickly I got mine.

I believe the reason I had good success is because of your personal service. That is a rarity in Ecuador. You came to Quito to meet me to sign papers. I did not have to meet my container in Guayaquil while you met with Ecuador Customs, and you came to Vilcabamba to supervise the crews who unloaded the container. That is what I call Great Service. Everything went perfectly. Thank you.

When you combine your years of experience in the business and knowledge of Ecuador Customs procedures it is a huge bonus. You seem to know everyone in Guayaquil so the container flowed through there seamlessly.

Leslie and I cannot thank you enough. I admit, we were scared but you comforted us through the process . You made it very easy for us.

I would recommend you to anyone wishing to bring their container to Ecuador. I have already done so here in Vilcabamba.

Thanks again.

Leslie and Robert Pelland

Harrison, 40 foot Container, Vilcabamba

Sandra is one of the best things we have ‘found’ in Ecuador.    As is probably the case with any International home moves,  the potential for numerous problems is very high.   In fact most people that we have met and spoken to in Ecuador that did a similar move ran into incredible logistical and container problems.  Long delays are the norm rather than the exception.

We had heard that Sandra was good but we had no idea how good until we hired her and she took over.   She worked with us in Vancouver organizing our home packing, setting us up with a reliable outfit and taking care of the container from door to door.

The young men that she brought along to unpack our belongings were excellent.   They were fast, efficient and polite.   In fact our home was 90% set up in one afternoon as boxes were unpacked outside and the items where placed in the appropriate room.  The mountain of packing materials was all taken away.

Sandra also promised that we would get our shipping container refund as soon as it was returned.  That is exactly what happened.   This refund can be problematic when using other moving agencies.

We would recommend Sandra to anyone contemplating a move to Ecuador.

Please feel free to contact us at john@ecotrend.ca or anna@ecotrend.ca should you have any questions.


John and Anna Harrison