Funk, 20 foot container, Balleinta

November 11, 2016

Sanestar International Shipping Services

Sandra Baquero

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Sandra and Sanestar International Shipping Services.  Needless to say deciding to move from Ohio to Ecuador was very overwhelming.  I didn’t know how to start and a friend thankfully had recommended Sandra.  Almost immediately after contacting her I received a comprehensive list of the entire process and what to expect.  She covered every detail.

It was difficult to set a date to move because we needed to sell our home first.  During that time Sandra continued to keep in touch.  A representative came to my home and helped me decide what was the best size container (we chose a 20ft), to help us prepare.

Quite suddenly our home sold and we had three (3) weeks to move.  I was in a bit of a panic but Sandra walked me through it all and even though we had a very small time frame to execute our move she worked it down to the day and the movers showed up right on time.  Not only did they pack everything in record time.  In a few hours my belongings were on their way and I was provided with the container number, shipping vessel, Captain’s names and time of arrival in Guayaquil.

We arrived just prior to our container and it only required one (1) trip to Guayaquil to sign papers and Sandra took care of everything…customs, paperwork and I’m sure more than I can even imagine.  Unbelievably my 20ft. container arrived at my new home in eighteen days (18) days!  The crew was friendly, efficient and spoke English.  They let me watch them unseal the container and made sure that I inspected it to make sure everything had been delivered in excellent condition.  They even unpacked and set up our delicate items like our TV and glass stands.

Sanestar made the whole International Moving process stress-free and I can’t thank them enough.

I’m now pleasantly enjoying my new life in Ecuador!


Stacy Funk

Hudson, 40 foot Container, Ballenita


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Yet ANOTHER endorsement of Sandra Baquero as a Shipping Agent - SuperStar to the Gringos  This is a photo of us, with Sandra, yesterday morning, after our 40 foot container was offloaded at our home in Ballenita.

Sandra took care of every single detail from the time we employed her services until the off-load at our home. She even did hand-holding - from a distance - and even a bit of mental health care during the rough spots I was having while finishing up the packing process!

My husband only had to take one trip to GYE to sign paperwork and she then supervised the dreaded Customs inspection herself so that we could avoid that stress and the trip to Guayaquil. She employs her own team of movers/loaders (most of whom speak English) and watched every box come off the truck at our home. As a bonus, she saved us an additional $600 - $900 by getting Customs to release the container before the long holiday weekend to save us extra fees.

We can highly recommend Sandra as being one of the 'good guys' who will make your experience less stressful. A word of advice, to save you time and money in the long run - employ her services early in the process before you start packing if possible because she'll give you lots of good information that will be worth it's weight in gold!

Sandra (Sandy) is with Sanestar (should be SUPERstar) and her e-mail is