Meyer, 20 foot container, San Clemente

Sandra, we want to thank you for your expertise on moving our container, you and your staff made the move so easy for us, your people in the U.S. packed and labeled everything .The staff here lead by you got the container thru customs in what seemed to be recorded time, and then delivery to home in San Clemente, where your team unloaded it into the house in a hour and a half . The continous communication you kept with me throughout our journey with the best service I've experience from anyone.  Starting time in Texas on September 7th and arriving here on October 26 just amazing to me. 

Thanks again,  Laqueta and Michael Meyer 

Jobe & Breaker, 40 foot Container, San Clemente

This letter is being written in support of Sandra Baquero.  We met Sandra through the Internet during our quest to find the most appropriate person to help us make our move to Ecuador. Her reviews were good, we wrote to her and liked her responses (they were rapid and complete) and we decided to give her a try.

We have not regretted that decision for a second.  Without this amazing woman we might well have had the sleepless nights a number of our friends here had.  They had had problems with packing, shipment, customs clearance, storage and a host of other ills.  One couple has even lost all their shipment as they could not clear customs and the container was declared abandoned.

When you are a stranger in a strange need a guide.  Sandra is that guide.  She has helped us on all things…large and small.  If it had not been for her, we would have made so many expensive mistakes.  Her fee may seem steep to some, but we can assure you there are no shortcuts here.   It costs what it costs and if you don’t pay someone who knows how to get this job done will pay for the mistakes made.

Sandra even got our dear doggie Cooper here without stress.  He rode on my lap, business class and sailed through customs late in the night upon our arrival in Quito. She arranged for our land transport the next day.  All right on delays, no broken promises.

She goes the extra mile and there are a lot of them here.  If you want a safe, sane and secure move….hire this woman.  In our opinion, she is the best there is.  She is talented, articulate, intelligent, honest, seasoned and experienced, reliable and caring.  What more is there?

The Breakers   larry and andi