Services – Other

  1. Bringing your pets to Ecuador:
    We can assist you with the information you need to know to bring your pets (dogs and cats) in the 2 options:  When they fly with you as part of your luggage and when they must travel as cargo.
  2. Taking back your pets to your country:
    We can assist you with all the services you need to take your pet back to your country, this includes the inspection in  our Ecuadorian Pet Agrocalidad Department to have the paper work approved, we will take care to bring the pet at the  flight date to deliver the pet to the airline to fly it.
  3. We  ​can refer you ​attorneys to use to get your visas for Ecuadorin Cotacachi, Quito, Manta, Canoa, Bahia de  Caraquez, San Clemente,  Salinas,  Ballenita, Puerto Cayo, Puerto  Lopez, and Vilcabamba
  4. We can refer you hotels where the pets are welcome to stay with you and that would do  the transfer  for you  from  the airport to the Hotel
  5. We can set for you cars or vans to move you from Guayaquil or Quito to your final  destination in Ecuador
  6. We have professional storage places in Guayaquil and Quito in case that you  need  to  wait to move  your  belongings  to your final destination.
  7. We can refer you people to rent or buy houses, departments, lands  or any property you may  need in Cuenca, Cotacachi, Quito,  Manta, Canoa, Bahia  de  Caraquez, San Clemente, Salinas,  Ballenita, Puerto Cayo, Puerto  Lopez, and Vilcabamba.
  8.  In case that you come to Ecuador to do  commercial business, we can help you to get all the proper legal  documentation needed to do it, registering  you in the Government’s  institutions to be well with  Ecuadorian laws  for it.
  9. We can help you to buy new or  proper used cars.

Services – Household Goods

1) Personal professional advises to make your move smooth to Ecuador

2) We provide updated information regarding shipping and Ecuadorian Customs’ requirements, which are always changing.

3) We provide you what is allowed and good to bring and what it is not

4) We provide you information to bring work equipment

5) We provide you the updated Inventory household goods form to use and an example to follow

6) We provide you updated pets information to import them to Ecuador

7) At the time of shipping, our agents in origin will take care to do the profesional packing of your ítems, to pick up your belongings, will do the inland to the port and the ocean freight to Guayaquil port.

8) We will check the household goods inventory list and we will make the correction of it and I will take care to do the Spanish translation with the proper wording for Customs.

9) When the cargo (container, liftvans or crates) arrives in Guayaquil, we will do with you all the paperwork that is needed to clear your cargo

10) We will do the professional customs clear in Ecuador, transportation to your final destination in Ecuador, the unload, the un-wrap and accommodation of your stuff in the different places in your house: kitchen, master room, living room, patio, garage etc.

11) We provide you as well a list of items that you can bring when you fly back by airplane to Ecuador with duty free rights.

Services – Visas

We can help you obtain:

  • Permanent resident visas
  • Work visas
  • Register of permanent resident visas already issued in origin countries
  • Obtain ecuadorian cedulas for citizenship

Services – Shipping

We offer door to door service:

  • Household goods
  • Pets: dogs, cats, exotic birds (macaws, parrots)
  • Farm machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Minning equipment
  • Commercial imports in general
  • Supplies
  • Local removal from-to all over Ecuador
  • Imports of own containers
  • Transfer from airport and hotel accommodation
  • Inland in vans from Guayaquil or Quito to move you to your final destination in Ecuador
  • Storage services in Guayaquil and Quito for your cargo
  • Accommodation in hotels and transfer from airport

Our Team


About Us

Sanestar was founded by Sandra Baquero, a 37 years of experience in Foreign Commerce and in Customs Clearance.   We are expert in  household goods shipments prividing  door to door service  ​with  personalized service  according to the need of ​for each customer, you will  have a good experience ​ to remember of your  move.

S.I.S.S. specializes in household goods imports and all kind of import shipments to Ecuador, collaborating specially with foreigners that want to start a new life in our country.

We offer personal consultations to design a shipping plan to meet our client’s individual needs and fit your budget.

We coordinate every phase of the process as visas, immigration, including local moving, storage and pick up in origin, ocean freight, customs, inland to final destinations in Ecuador, unloading of the cargo, unwrapping and accommodation of each items in your place.

We offer ongoing support and services to help you in your new home.