d’Aragon, Air Freight Liftvans, San Jose

We moved from Ste-Thérèse, Montreal area in Canada to Mirador San José, Manabi Ecuador on october 5th 2017. We choose not to move furnitures, only smaller goods and had heard  that moving throug air cargo was not so expensive but much quicker than through sea ships. But, we wanted a turnkey solution and, we heard that Sanestar rather had been doing a nice job moving containers through sea ships to Ecuador.

Almost everything went beyond our expectations. Help to prepare our lists of goods was clear and easy to follow and support to do so was quick and efficient. It was much simpler and easier than we expected. Our goods cleared customs faster than we thought with no customs to pay, thanks to the refundable bonds we paid since our request for visas wich allow importation of our goods were not yet prepared. Volume and weight had increased after quotation but, price increase was not as signicative as were the volume and weight. On the day we had to go to minister of immigration and notary, we were accompanied all along to help us, which was more than helpfull and necessary since we did not speak spanish at that time. Final Delivery of our goods to our home occured to be faster than wath Sandra had finally promised, thanks to her assistants working hard to help her to satisfy customers as best as possible. I gladly and strongly recommend using Sanestar services for moving personal goods due to their professionnalism, their strong willing to satisfy customers and additional efforts to do so. No doubt that I will use them if I ever need to move again in another country. Thank you very much Sanestar for making it so easy and quick.


Stephane d'Aragon
Urbanization Mirador San Jose
607 Km Ruta Del Spondylus,
# B24B-1 Playa San Jose,
Montecristie, Ecuador