Bazell, 40 foot container, Quito

June 11, 2017
This is an unconditional endorsement of, and recommendation for, Sandra Baquero and Sanestar International.

Our experience with Sandra has taught us that managing the successful shipment and delivery of items (especially valuable persona l items) across oceans is much Iike conducting a symphony orchestra - there are many players and each one must complete their part correctly and timely... or else! Sandra stood up to her excellent reputation in this regard -- she controlled everything masterfully, to the extent that they could be controlled. But, handling the things that cannot be controlled is where Sandra and her company separate themselves from their competition. Sandra and her team kept us informed while our things were in transit and either resolved problems quickly or adjusted to accommodate the conditions. As clients, this on going communication was very important so that we could make or change our plans as needed .

A story worth sharing -- about the time that our container was due to arrive in Guayaquil t here was a change in Ecuadorian residency law that had a big and poorly-timed impact on us and threatened the opportunity to bring our container into the country tax-free. To begin with, my residency application was frozen because the government agencies needed time to create new regulations by which to carry-out the new law - simply stated, no residency; no tax-free container. Sandra quickly assessed the matter, did the math, and advised us that the best and least expensive approach to the problem was to immediately pursue a security bond while also continuing to push for approval of my residency... a proverbial race to the finish line to go with the option that was ready to implement first. I was literally hand-carried by Sandra and one of her associates; we did a lot of running around to notaries and government offices, and I paid some fees that I had not budgeted for, but it sure beat paying additional days of expensive daily rent for our container. While all of this was happening, Sandra was back at the port going about her regular duties of overseeing the inspection and clearance of our container.

Ultimately, my residency application was unfrozen and approved just in time for Sandra to provide the required documents to the customs office and get our container cleared substantially tax-free . The point of sharing this story is that I do not think that the other agents that we considered would have gone the extra miles, taken the extra time, or bore the additional cost, that Sandra and her team did to help us solve our complicated and potentially expensive problem.

This is professional service worth paying for!


Paul Bazell