Nasser, Liftvan, Ibarra

Dear Sandra and the Sanestar Team,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us in our move to Ecuador in October 2016. We moved to Ecuador because I am taking up a post with an international organization. I was filled with a lot of doubt and even fear, hearing the horror stories of colleagues whose goods were either rejected by customs or sent back to their home countries. As you know, our shipment was very important to us, especially for my husband. As a professional musician, his musical instruments were absolutely essential to our stay here.

Sanestar’s services are some of the best I have seen in the world—and this is coming from someone who has lived in 14 different countries. You were able to guide us every step of the way, assuring our paperwork was in order. Let me just say that the amount of paperwork that must be done for a move to Ecuador is not only lengthy but tedious and requires excellent attention to detail. Sanestar did not fail and Sandra, your expertise were apparent right from the start.

We received a quote based on the information we sent ahead of time to Sandra. The quote was extremely detailed—from the biggest service such as shipment from point A to B, to the smallest amount going to the various team members involved. I was particularly struck by how meticulous the quote was. Our shipment arrived in perfect condition—this includes many sensitive items such as musical instruments, a desktop PC and monitor. Even more impressive, after our shipment arrived, Sandra sent us a revised receipt. The process was so transparent; she even quoted us the small difference in price between the quote and final price. This is not just a show of professionalism, but of honesty—a rare characteristic to find in big, able companies such as Sanestar.

We are very fortunate to have had the pleasure to deal with Sanestar and its CEO, Sandra Baquero. In fact, Sandra already knows that once our time is up in Ecuador, she will be the one to handle our shipment back to our home country. I highly recommend Sanestar and Sandra’s services and I feel relief knowing that she will be with us when it comes to say goodbye to Ecuador.


Dina Nasser