Zilles, 40 foot container, Manglaralto

I am writing this letter to enthusiastically recommend the services of Sandra Baquero and Sanestar International.

During the mid-year of 2015, my husband, Scott and I made plans to move to Ecuador’s coastal area by December of 2015 from Texas. I knew we wanted to ship our belongings, but had no idea how to even start the process. Luckily, another expat couple had recommended that we reach out to Sandy!  In August, I reached out to her.

Sandy promptly responded, personally providing us with all the basic information about what her company handles, and spent time answering more specific questions I had about how to get started – all before we had even agreed to engage her company. We were shortly thereafter inspired to sign with her company based on the excellent information she provided.

Once we began the process, Sandy and her team seemed to handle almost everything! Even as we worked from the United States to gather the documents and data required to gain legal residency through our Ecuadorian legal representative, Sandy and her team were working to ensure we knew exactly what would happen with our belongings. Sandy ensured we knew exactly what to provide and how to provide it, and even contacted the U.S. shipper and arranged for packing, trucking and shipping of everything. We even had our dog to bring, and Sandy made certain we knew exactly how to approach the paperwork and shipping of our animal via the airlines!

Once we arrived in Ecuador, we were expecting some degree of headache regarding the relocation of belongings here, and also assumed we would have a long wait until our container arrived. However – with regard to the process itself, Sandy was always there to cut through any red tape – in all cases without our even having to be personally available! The only time we had to present ourselves in person centered around a short 1-time meeting in Guayaquil to sign some paperwork.

With regard to our assumption of a “long wait” Sandy provided us with a way to track our shipping container as it moved across the globe toward Ecuador, and even made certain we would not have to personally attend the Custom’s inspection! Additionally, and to our surprise, the container arrived VERY promptly (under 2 months from our arrival here), and came during the beginning of a week-long holiday period. Sandy made certain our container was delivered to our door and our belongings moved into our home in spite of the timing and the unfortunate heavy rains that came with it.

We were also incredibly pleased with how Sandy handles quotes and fees. Quotes and up-front payables always include “possible costs” – things that might or could cost additional money during the process so that you’re never in a position to have to pay more after-the-fact or slow down the process to address additional payments. This is a world-class policy – and we received a full refund of all unused fees promptly after the move was complete. It was also a much higher refund than we’d anticipated and were ecstatic to have received one at all.

IN SUMMARY: What we assumed would be the most problematic part of our move to a foreign country was, in fact, the smoothest part of the entire process. This is undoubtedly because of Sandy and her entire staff’s experience and professionalism. The words “experience” and “professionalism” best describe Sandy’s Sanestar International as there was never a shortage of either throughout the entire process of planning and execution of relocating our belongings and pet. In additiona, all costs and refunds exceeded our expectations with respect to both amount and timeliness. 

The entire process was the most stress-and-worry-free of our entire relocation experience. We therefore recommend Sanestar International wholeheartedly to anyone considering their services!

Lynette (and Scott) Zilles

Manglaralto, Ecuador

13 June 2016