Daley & Moore

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent handling of our 40’ shipping container. It was an overwhelming process to us, but we really appreciated the way you walked us through it. You were always very pleasant, helpful and willing to explain what was needed – repeatedly explain, if necessary!


Your help in getting this container from Guayaquil port home to our door in Manta was truly amazing. We had really worried about how to coordinate it all because on the various blogs and forums, warnings about in-Ecuador problems of getting through customs as well as delivering it from Guayaquil to the residence. With your professional experience, a scary, overwhelming experience was made very smooth and successfully accomplished.

We were so impressed with your workers on this end. The workmen you hired were so good and careful with our things. Their willingness to not only unload, but distribute the contents to the house in our place, made the whole process so much simpler for us. This was a huge help! We continue to be amazed and grateful at how very fast this process occurred in getting our things straight away.

We are so pleased with the quality of your work: your professionalism, your experience and your honesty getting the refund for us of the deposit we gave to the shipping company.

Thank you so much for all you did to help make our move to Ecuador a success and anyone can feel free to contact us personally about your services.



Craig A. Daley and Rebecca Moore
Managing Members
Interwealth Enterprises, LLC

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