About Us

Sanestar was founded by Sandra Baquero, a 37 years of experience in Foreign Commerce and in Customs Clearance.   We are expert in  household goods shipments prividing  door to door service  ​with  personalized service  according to the need of ​for each customer, you will  have a good experience ​ to remember of your  move.

S.I.S.S. specializes in household goods imports and all kind of import shipments to Ecuador, collaborating specially with foreigners that want to start a new life in our country.

We offer personal consultations to design a shipping plan to meet our client’s individual needs and fit your budget.

We coordinate every phase of the process as visas, immigration, including local moving, storage and pick up in origin, ocean freight, customs, inland to final destinations in Ecuador, unloading of the cargo, unwrapping and accommodation of each items in your place.

We offer ongoing support and services to help you in your new home.