Zilles, 40 foot container, Manglaralto

I am writing this letter to enthusiastically recommend the services of Sandra Baquero and Sanestar International.

During the mid-year of 2015, my husband, Scott and I made plans to move to Ecuador’s coastal area by December of 2015 from Texas. I knew we wanted to ship our belongings, but had no idea how to even start the process. Luckily, another expat couple had recommended that we reach out to Sandy!  In August, I reached out to her.

Sandy promptly responded, personally providing us with all the basic information about what her company handles, and spent time answering more specific questions I had about how to get started – all before we had even agreed to engage her company. We were shortly thereafter inspired to sign with her company based on the excellent information she provided.

Once we began the process, Sandy and her team seemed to handle almost everything! Even as we worked from the United States to gather the documents and data required to gain legal residency through our Ecuadorian legal representative, Sandy and her team were working to ensure we knew exactly what would happen with our belongings. Sandy ensured we knew exactly what to provide and how to provide it, and even contacted the U.S. shipper and arranged for packing, trucking and shipping of everything. We even had our dog to bring, and Sandy made certain we knew exactly how to approach the paperwork and shipping of our animal via the airlines!

Once we arrived in Ecuador, we were expecting some degree of headache regarding the relocation of belongings here, and also assumed we would have a long wait until our container arrived. However – with regard to the process itself, Sandy was always there to cut through any red tape – in all cases without our even having to be personally available! The only time we had to present ourselves in person centered around a short 1-time meeting in Guayaquil to sign some paperwork.

With regard to our assumption of a “long wait” Sandy provided us with a way to track our shipping container as it moved across the globe toward Ecuador, and even made certain we would not have to personally attend the Custom’s inspection! Additionally, and to our surprise, the container arrived VERY promptly (under 2 months from our arrival here), and came during the beginning of a week-long holiday period. Sandy made certain our container was delivered to our door and our belongings moved into our home in spite of the timing and the unfortunate heavy rains that came with it.

We were also incredibly pleased with how Sandy handles quotes and fees. Quotes and up-front payables always include “possible costs” – things that might or could cost additional money during the process so that you’re never in a position to have to pay more after-the-fact or slow down the process to address additional payments. This is a world-class policy – and we received a full refund of all unused fees promptly after the move was complete. It was also a much higher refund than we’d anticipated and were ecstatic to have received one at all.

IN SUMMARY: What we assumed would be the most problematic part of our move to a foreign country was, in fact, the smoothest part of the entire process. This is undoubtedly because of Sandy and her entire staff’s experience and professionalism. The words “experience” and “professionalism” best describe Sandy’s Sanestar International as there was never a shortage of either throughout the entire process of planning and execution of relocating our belongings and pet. In additiona, all costs and refunds exceeded our expectations with respect to both amount and timeliness. 

The entire process was the most stress-and-worry-free of our entire relocation experience. We therefore recommend Sanestar International wholeheartedly to anyone considering their services!

Lynette (and Scott) Zilles

Manglaralto, Ecuador

13 June 2016

Brown, 20 foot container, Salinas

Dear Sandra,  I just wanted to thank you for the efficient and excellent way in which you handled the transfer of my container to Ecuador. I had heard of so many horror stories about shipping goods.  The entire process was was handled in such an amazing way. You are such an amazing woman. It has been my pleasure and honor to have met you. I plan to tell all about you and your company. If I can ever do anything for you please let me know.

Katherine Brown 

Riggins, 20 foot container, Vilcabamba

Dear potential clients of Sandra Baquero,

After a bit of searching and questioning through some Facebook Ecuador expat group pages, Sandra's name came up several times. We then contacted her and got very clear explanations of how it all worked. Sandra was reassuring and made the whole transition pleasurable. She got us in contact with a US company that took care of everything on that end for us.

When it came time to ship our belongings there was a bit of a snag in the timing where we ended up going a few days over the allowed 6 months duty free but Sandra took care of it with customs gracefully. She was even able to do the inspection upon the arrival of our container without us having to be there physically. That was a huge help since we had so much going on at the time. 

The one thing I would highly recommend would be to make sure you pay the extra bit to have Sandra there physically when receiving your belongings at home because the hired men seem to want to do as little as possible if she wasn't present. But overall beyond that it was a great experience and very pleasurable working with Sandra. She went above and beyond to make sure we had our things here safe and sound. She saved us a lot of headache and stress and we couldn't ask for anything more. 

Thank you so very much for all your dedicated hard work Sandra!


Jessica and Otis Riggins

Funk, 20 foot container, Balleinta

November 11, 2016

Sanestar International Shipping Services

Sandra Baquero

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Sandra and Sanestar International Shipping Services.  Needless to say deciding to move from Ohio to Ecuador was very overwhelming.  I didn’t know how to start and a friend thankfully had recommended Sandra.  Almost immediately after contacting her I received a comprehensive list of the entire process and what to expect.  She covered every detail.

It was difficult to set a date to move because we needed to sell our home first.  During that time Sandra continued to keep in touch.  A representative came to my home and helped me decide what was the best size container (we chose a 20ft), to help us prepare.

Quite suddenly our home sold and we had three (3) weeks to move.  I was in a bit of a panic but Sandra walked me through it all and even though we had a very small time frame to execute our move she worked it down to the day and the movers showed up right on time.  Not only did they pack everything in record time.  In a few hours my belongings were on their way and I was provided with the container number, shipping vessel, Captain’s names and time of arrival in Guayaquil.

We arrived just prior to our container and it only required one (1) trip to Guayaquil to sign papers and Sandra took care of everything…customs, paperwork and I’m sure more than I can even imagine.  Unbelievably my 20ft. container arrived at my new home in eighteen days (18) days!  The crew was friendly, efficient and spoke English.  They let me watch them unseal the container and made sure that I inspected it to make sure everything had been delivered in excellent condition.  They even unpacked and set up our delicate items like our TV and glass stands.

Sanestar made the whole International Moving process stress-free and I can’t thank them enough.

I’m now pleasantly enjoying my new life in Ecuador!


Stacy Funk

Nasser, Liftvan, Ibarra

Dear Sandra and the Sanestar Team,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us in our move to Ecuador in October 2016. We moved to Ecuador because I am taking up a post with an international organization. I was filled with a lot of doubt and even fear, hearing the horror stories of colleagues whose goods were either rejected by customs or sent back to their home countries. As you know, our shipment was very important to us, especially for my husband. As a professional musician, his musical instruments were absolutely essential to our stay here.

Sanestar’s services are some of the best I have seen in the world—and this is coming from someone who has lived in 14 different countries. You were able to guide us every step of the way, assuring our paperwork was in order. Let me just say that the amount of paperwork that must be done for a move to Ecuador is not only lengthy but tedious and requires excellent attention to detail. Sanestar did not fail and Sandra, your expertise were apparent right from the start.

We received a quote based on the information we sent ahead of time to Sandra. The quote was extremely detailed—from the biggest service such as shipment from point A to B, to the smallest amount going to the various team members involved. I was particularly struck by how meticulous the quote was. Our shipment arrived in perfect condition—this includes many sensitive items such as musical instruments, a desktop PC and monitor. Even more impressive, after our shipment arrived, Sandra sent us a revised receipt. The process was so transparent; she even quoted us the small difference in price between the quote and final price. This is not just a show of professionalism, but of honesty—a rare characteristic to find in big, able companies such as Sanestar.

We are very fortunate to have had the pleasure to deal with Sanestar and its CEO, Sandra Baquero. In fact, Sandra already knows that once our time is up in Ecuador, she will be the one to handle our shipment back to our home country. I highly recommend Sanestar and Sandra’s services and I feel relief knowing that she will be with us when it comes to say goodbye to Ecuador.


Dina Nasser

Bazell, 40 foot container, Quito

June 11, 2017
This is an unconditional endorsement of, and recommendation for, Sandra Baquero and Sanestar International.

Our experience with Sandra has taught us that managing the successful shipment and delivery of items (especially valuable persona l items) across oceans is much Iike conducting a symphony orchestra - there are many players and each one must complete their part correctly and timely... or else! Sandra stood up to her excellent reputation in this regard -- she controlled everything masterfully, to the extent that they could be controlled. But, handling the things that cannot be controlled is where Sandra and her company separate themselves from their competition. Sandra and her team kept us informed while our things were in transit and either resolved problems quickly or adjusted to accommodate the conditions. As clients, this on going communication was very important so that we could make or change our plans as needed .

A story worth sharing -- about the time that our container was due to arrive in Guayaquil t here was a change in Ecuadorian residency law that had a big and poorly-timed impact on us and threatened the opportunity to bring our container into the country tax-free. To begin with, my residency application was frozen because the government agencies needed time to create new regulations by which to carry-out the new law - simply stated, no residency; no tax-free container. Sandra quickly assessed the matter, did the math, and advised us that the best and least expensive approach to the problem was to immediately pursue a security bond while also continuing to push for approval of my residency... a proverbial race to the finish line to go with the option that was ready to implement first. I was literally hand-carried by Sandra and one of her associates; we did a lot of running around to notaries and government offices, and I paid some fees that I had not budgeted for, but it sure beat paying additional days of expensive daily rent for our container. While all of this was happening, Sandra was back at the port going about her regular duties of overseeing the inspection and clearance of our container.

Ultimately, my residency application was unfrozen and approved just in time for Sandra to provide the required documents to the customs office and get our container cleared substantially tax-free . The point of sharing this story is that I do not think that the other agents that we considered would have gone the extra miles, taken the extra time, or bore the additional cost, that Sandra and her team did to help us solve our complicated and potentially expensive problem.

This is professional service worth paying for!


Paul Bazell

d’Aragon, Air Freight Liftvans, San Jose

We moved from Ste-Thérèse, Montreal area in Canada to Mirador San José, Manabi Ecuador on october 5th 2017. We choose not to move furnitures, only smaller goods and had heard  that moving throug air cargo was not so expensive but much quicker than through sea ships. But, we wanted a turnkey solution and, we heard that Sanestar rather had been doing a nice job moving containers through sea ships to Ecuador.

Almost everything went beyond our expectations. Help to prepare our lists of goods was clear and easy to follow and support to do so was quick and efficient. It was much simpler and easier than we expected. Our goods cleared customs faster than we thought with no customs to pay, thanks to the refundable bonds we paid since our request for visas wich allow importation of our goods were not yet prepared. Volume and weight had increased after quotation but, price increase was not as signicative as were the volume and weight. On the day we had to go to minister of immigration and notary, we were accompanied all along to help us, which was more than helpfull and necessary since we did not speak spanish at that time. Final Delivery of our goods to our home occured to be faster than wath Sandra had finally promised, thanks to her assistants working hard to help her to satisfy customers as best as possible. I gladly and strongly recommend using Sanestar services for moving personal goods due to their professionnalism, their strong willing to satisfy customers and additional efforts to do so. No doubt that I will use them if I ever need to move again in another country. Thank you very much Sanestar for making it so easy and quick.


Stephane d'Aragon
Urbanization Mirador San Jose
607 Km Ruta Del Spondylus,
# B24B-1 Playa San Jose,
Montecristie, Ecuador

Meyer, 20 foot container, San Clemente

Sandra, we want to thank you for your expertise on moving our container, you and your staff made the move so easy for us, your people in the U.S. packed and labeled everything .The staff here lead by you got the container thru customs in what seemed to be recorded time, and then delivery to home in San Clemente, where your team unloaded it into the house in a hour and a half . The continous communication you kept with me throughout our journey with the best service I've experience from anyone.  Starting time in Texas on September 7th and arriving here on October 26 just amazing to me. 

Thanks again,  Laqueta and Michael Meyer 

Barry/Kunkel 20 foot container, Punta Carnero

We wanted to write to you to express our gratitude for your hard work, attention to detail and your professionalism with respect to the process of getting our personal goods from Toronto Canada to Punta Carnero Ecuador.

You provided the information and guidance we needed to make the experience much easier than we had anticipated. All our questions were answered when asked, and the experience you provided ensured that everything went according to plan.

We would happily recommend both you and your company to anyone considering moving their goods. If anyone would wish to contact us about your services, please feel free to provide them our email address.

Thank You Again Sandra,

Best Regards,

Lynn Barry

Kate Kunkel

International Living Conference 2017